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This workshop explores our relationship to the many pain points we parents feel when raising our children with special needs.  But more than exploring the pain, we experience the possibility of reframing or shifting the pain into more positive energy.  

The most frequently reported pain points we tackle include:

Guilt that we caused our child’s condition

Guilt that we aren’t doing enough for our child

Fear of an unknown future


Concern about who will love my child when I’m gone

Anger at God

Resentment towards our child



We don’t talk about this pain openly, because we fear being judged as bad parents.  In our workshops, we are safe to be seen, to be heard, and to experience the power of community.

This is an experience of deep conversation and transformation.



My son Charlie lives with an autism diagnosis. Together, we offer a pioneering and powerful workshop (half day or full day) addressing authentic leadership. Our workshop is designed for C suite executives who seek to lead companies from the edge of authenticity, compassion, impact and courage. We take you to that edge and provide the opportunity to reexamine that which could be made better – professionally or personally. 


For 24 years I have observed Charlie deeply connect with people from all walks of life, odd given that autism is a social/communication disorder. According to the CEO of the company where he previously worked, Charlie changed the corporate culture in 2 short years. Why? Because he embodies the qualities of authenticity, compassion and vulnerability. Interacting with him reacquaints and realigns you with those qualities within you. When a workforce is operating from a place of authenticity, compassion and vulnerability (courage), possibilities become limitless.


Our workshop will efficiently take you to the “edge” and guide you through several exercises for exploring ways your leadership could be more impactful.



This is a 4-week online group experience for women who want to explore their relationship with the masculine and feminine energy within each of us. 


Do you want to…

Honor your masculine energy, yet lead with your feminine energy?

Reconnect with what your feminine energy feels like?

Invite more tenderness into your life?

Rejuvenate the sexual polarity and playfulness in your relationship?

Freshen what is stale inside?

Attract a partner into your life by being aligned and grounded in your intended energy?

Lean on and into your man?

Feel more joy?


Join our experiential coaching group and discover new freedom living in greater awareness of your feminine energy.  We will create a safe and intimate place to explore and discuss our relationship to our feminine energy, as well as to our masculine energy.  We will observe the resulting behaviors and patterns that are present in our lives, and that no longer benefit us.  We will learn how to cultivate and employ our feminine energy for enhanced joy and fulfillment.  We will define when our masculine energy serves us.  We will experiment with subtle changes in our energy balance and delight in the resulting impact in our lives.


Our supporting text will be The Queen’s Code, by Alison A. Armstrong


This workshop is about empowerment!

“Leadership is not about a question of style, it has to do with who we are as human beings. Timeless leadership is always about character and it is always about authenticity.”  

- Warren Bennis, On Becoming A Leader

“Vulnerability is opening up hidden areas.”  

- Bill George, Discover Your True North, Becoming an Authentic Leader

"Shawn is amazing! Gorgeous. Poised. Prepared. Honest. Vulnerable. Purposeful. Powerful. In a word... WOW!"


-Lori Cash Richards, Author of Letting The Upside In

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