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Our Children, Our Awakeners

A poem for Charlie…

In my illusion I thought I was going to raise you

To be whole, complete, and worthy,

To be educated, kind, and wise,

To be a leader, empowered, and free.

I was deluded to think I knew it all,

Fooled by my age and might.

I thought I had it all together,

Ready to teach, inspire, and change you.

Only now, after so many moments

With you

Do I realize how foolish these ideas were,

How baseless and grandiose.

I now understand….

That it is you who is here to teach me,

To guide, lead, shift, and elevate,

To transform, awaken, and inspire Me.

I now realize how I had it all wrong,

Upside down and outside in,

It is you who are this perfectly designed clarion

To wake me up to my true self.

-The Awakened Family, Shefali Tsabary

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