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Shawn Richardson Global, LLC is in the business of enhancing your life. Give yourself the opportunity to work with a life coach or attend a transformational workshop and completely reframe any limiting beliefs and fears that are getting in your way of living the life you wish to be living.  Know and honor your authentic self, liberate your dreams, identify and resolve the limiting beliefs that prevent you from manifesting the experiences you seek, awaken to the presence of love, deepen your connections, engineer a self-care program that supports you, show up in life, and feel alive.

How beautiful do you want your life to be?

Are you willing to allow yourself to have it?

I specialize in parents and families living with

special needs

My life is as yours is – a journey. Happy parts, disappointing parts, but all learning parts. What I have learned for sure is that all of the disappointing parts can happen for us.

Shawn Richardson is a certiified life coach equipped to support you on your journey to fulfillment, purpose, and joy. 

Freeing Feminine energy

Parenting Special Needs Children

Authentic leadership 


My life is as yours is – a journey. 

Happy parts, disappointing parts, but all learning parts.  What I am aware of is that all of the disappointing parts happen FOR us. When we choose to live life from that perspective, the disheartening parts of our lives can serve as doorways to more joy.


Some of the doors to deeper joy for me have been: