World-Class Support for

Parents of Special Needs Kids

"Transform Feelings of Upset To Feelings of Peace"

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"Shawn has been a resource for strength unlike anything I've ever experienced. Her guidance has made it possible for me to gently move into love instead of continuing in victim-centered painful experiences. 

LeAnne -- California


Waiting for you is a bundle of skills that will address your greatest fears, doubts and challenges. These skills bring us the peace and equanimity we long for.


I'll teach it all to you and coach you through every step of the process. You've got this.

I work with clients of all backgrounds although I'm best known for my work in supporting parents of special needs kids because of my own experience raising Charlie. He was diagnosed with autism in 1997 and has been my greatest inspiration in my journey from identifying as a victim to powerfully embracing my life, exactly the way that it is, for the profound gift that it is.


You have challenges. I’ll listen. 

You have desires. I'll design goals with you.

And I’ll help with bespoke exercises and concrete steps to support you in moving forward to new levels of peace, no matter what you’re facing.


I’m currently seeing clients for private coaching by phone and video conferencing. If you’re interested in a complimentary session, please do contact us and we’ll schedule a connection right away.

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I’m also thrilled about launching a new series of online group sessions and in-person workshops for caregivers of special needs children.  Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get the latest updates.


And if you’d like to be apart of these inaugural sessions at a very special rate, let us know! 


We’re signing up clients for them right now.



My life has happy parts, disappointing parts, and all learning parts. 


What I know and love to show is that the disappointing parts happen FOR us and when we choose to embrace that perspective - it makes all the difference.


Specifically, my life’s work is to shift the inner-narrative for my clients, especially those supporting children with special needs.  Our families and workplaces have much to learn about living and loving from the very individuals we sometimes overlook.


Also, I’m a strong believer that quality giving comes from overflow – not depletion. And so the way I nourish my soul is to allow Mother Nature to nurture me through mountain climbing and trekking.  


I’m deeply proud to have raised 3 compassionate young men, one with special needs. I founded Pacific Ridge School ( and helped launch several early-stage initiatives (both non-profit and for-profit).


And I’m very much looking forward to meeting you!





Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Institute

Soul-Centered Group Facilitation, University of Santa Monica

Soul-Centered Living, University of Santa Monica

Life Mastery and Soul-Centered Living, University of Santa Monica

Consciousness, Health and Healing, University of Santa Monica.

Breathwork and Pranayama Yoga, Jesse Gros, mentor

M.Sc., University of Oxford

M.Sc., London School of Economics

B.A., Mills College